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“I just want to thank whoever created Elimidrol as you saved my life! The relief that it provided me was truly beyond words. I really don’t know how to thank you enough.” – Travis from New Jersey


-Margaret from Illinois

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“Thank you for helping me get my life back together. Quitting opiates was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. I seriously abused pain pills for over 5 years and tried quitting cold-turkey one time before but couldn’t. This time I took Elimidrol and quitting was totally manageable. The effects were really good and definitely helped me keep a positive attitude throughout this low point in my life. I don’t think I could have done this alone and owe so much to Elimidrol. Thank you again.”

-James from California

“My doctor’s office closed, I couldn’t get any more pills, and I was terrified of withdrawing when they ran out. I didn’t know what I was going to do or where to turn. I was planning on getting on a different detox program but the side effects worried me too much. I was tired of feeling imprisoned by these pills and really wanted to quit. I found Elimidrol online and wasn’t sure if it would work for me but I really needed help and bought it anyway. Elimidrol really turned me around, I’m so happy I tried it.”

-Ashley from Florida

-Pastor Dan from Ohio

“Getting Elimidrol was a great decision. I’m a skeptical person so I was hesitant at first because I’d never heard of it and didn’t want to waste my money on a product that wasn’t going to work. But this product works… When I thought stopping was too much to handle Elimidrol took away a lot of my pain and motivated me to continue fighting.”

-Bill from Tennessee

“You guys are saving lives. Praise Elimidrol and Sunrise Nutraceuticals for what you are doing. Watching your son go through opiate withdrawal has to be the worst thing one can experience. The feeling of not knowing how to help or even exactly what they are feeling, it’s utterly horrible. I found Elimidrol in a moment of desperation and you came through with everything I was praying for. My son’s whole demeanor changed. Like I could tell he finally realized he could do it. I’m so proud of him for turning his life around and I’m so thankful for Elimidrol, wonderful help.”

-Mary from Connecticut

“This product freaking rocks. I bought it, used it, and am now good and working again. It gave me glimpses of hope when I was in a very dark place and really needed it.”

-Adam from Missouri

-Natasha from Missouri

“The first time I heard of Elimidrol I immediately thought no way. I’d been alternating between heroin (shooting it 3x a day, down to 2x a day before quitting) and methadone for 7 years, before that was weaker opiates and basically anything I could get my hands on. And to be honest, I initially thought it was claiming that I would take it and then feel good as new like withdrawal never existed. I’m smart enough to know that isn’t possible so I just disregarded it. A couple months later, curiosity and admittingly desperation, got the better of me, so eventually I called the company and was explained that this product doesn’t get rid of the withdrawals completely but it helps reduce the symptoms of opiate withdrawal to make it more comfortable. Anyways to make a long story short, I bought it. This really is great stuff. The difference was obvious and with the effects it really helped show me light at the end of the tunnel. Granted, I did have some days that seemed extremely tough but a couple extra dosages seemed to help take care of that pretty quickly. All in all, I guess things work in mysterious ways and I’m so glad I stumbled upon this Elimidrol.”

-Rhonda from Oklahoma

-Adrienne from Indiana

“I was prescribed oxycodone by my doctor in 2002 after breaking both of my legs in a car accident. At first everything was fine, or so I believed, until about a year after the surgery I realized I was still taking the medications and started buying them on the street because I wanted more. I was arrested, spent a night in jail, and that is when the withdrawal began. The doctor was notified of the accident due to his name being on the pill bottle and immediately cut me off and switched me to methadone. This is when things became even worse, I thought the methadone was helping but in reality it was just a change of addiction from oxycodone to methadone. Now here I was, still addicted to pills, just different pills. I was never able to leave my house without a pill and all I could worry about was what if I lost my bottle or forget it. This is when I was introduced to Elimidrol and it saved my life. This is not an exaggeration, it SAVED my life. I started taking Elimidrol and noticed within 30 minutes of the first dose that I was actually feeling pretty comfortable and I had a new sense of “clarity” in me (not sure how else to describe it). I almost cried in happiness that this worked. It was the biggest relief of my entire life to know that not only was I now completely free, I was also my old self again. I have not taken Elimidrol nor any sort of drug for the past few weeks now and feel incredible. Life is colorful again, I don’t feel hopeless depression and I honestly do not think I could have done it without Elimidrol. It is sad to admit but sometimes things are just too powerful no matter how much willpower you have or think you have. I love this product.”

-Elizabeth from South Carolina

“Thank you Elimidrol! I was in the worst possible place and was taking over 10 pills a day with no end in sight. I worried everyday that I was stuck here and would never know what it felt like to live again. Elimidrol changed that. It worked so well that I’m now off them and proud of where my life is today.”

-Samantha from New York

“I’ve had chronic lumbar syndrome since I was 23 years old. I’m now 52. I’ve had surgeries and nerve block injections. I’ve been on pain killers for the past 15 years. I feel like I’ve been through it all. The nurse at my doctor’s office recommended Elimidrol and it really helped me. I really had a hard time coming off the pain killers until I started Elimidrol. It’s been a while now and the cravings are gone and each day I’m feeling even better. Very happy I found Elimidrol.”

-Thomas from Maine

-Cheryl from Texas

“This was probably the scariest time of my life and all that I could do was worry 24/7 about when withdrawal was going to hit and how bad it would be. It was basically as bad as I imagined and then some. I had no idea until I experienced it. I wanted a way to quit but did not want any pills or anything even remotely possible of causing addiction. I was taking everything from perks to oxys to hydromorphone to heroine itself. Whatever I could get my hands on. I was taking about 10-20 pills and at least a few bags a day depending on the strengths and although Elimidrol did not give me that high or anything, it helped the majority of symptoms and allowed me time to get my mind under control and not be in a constant state of panic, anxiety, depression, muscle spasms, and crazy stomach nausea. Those were my worst symptoms and the reason, at least I believe, for all the times that I relapsed and it was a miracle to finally get something to allow me a way out. Before this product, I honestly believed I was trapped for life, I could not see a way out and I had no idea how I could beat something like this. I’m very happy to be out of this trap. This company needs to start advertising more. Everyone should be aware of it.”

-John from Massachusetts

“Finally something that actually works! It’s been 3 weeks since I started taking this stuff and let me tell you…. I’m not running marathons but I have a hell of a lot more energy than before and feeling very positive about things. I just took it as recommended and let it do the rest. I have had a bad back and knees for almost 10 years and prescription medication helped but when it came time to stopping the meds, I went through hell… time and time again. Elimidrol just works… I don’t know much about what’s inside but I do know that I’ve tried everything I could get my hands on to no avail. Thank you! I’ll be sure to recommend your products.”

-Sammie from California

“For me, your opioid withdrawal supplement has been a godsend. I was on pain killers three times a day before taking methadone. I could not stop taking the methadone without going in to horrible withdrawals. Since being on Elimidrol I have finally been off methadone without the withdrawal problems and it has now been almost a month for me. This product has been the best thing that has happened to me. I would recommend Elimidrol to anybody who wants to be off these opioids.”

-Marc from Illinois

“Elimidrol is amazing. I have told my entire support group about this wonderful product. To start, let me say my hardest part of withdrawals was not the typical first few days but rather the mental part after the physical part stops. I just couldn’t get motivated, I never felt like myself, always felt down, and my anxiety was non-stop. I just hated this part since it seemed to drag on and wouldn’t stop no matter what I did. I bought Elimidrol while on Day 2 of withdrawal and got it the next day. I started taking it that day, day 3, and felt better within 20 minutes of the first dose. I did take an extra scoop on the first two days of using Elimidrol both of the Daytime and of the Nighttime as I had some external issues that were really stressing me out and it helped a lot with that as well. I feel very little to almost no withdrawal symptoms most of the day and can actually sleep through the night. Feel free to post this on your website, I hope my success can help others realize they aren’t alone, Elimidrol will help.”

-Michael from Oregon

“I have referred Elimidrol to so many people now and will continue to do so. When I called you guys, I made it clear that I was very doubtful if your product could help me. Your customer service was excellent, addressed my concerns, and I figured I’d try it, even though I was still a bit doubtful. Once I took the first scoop I knew this was the real deal. That sense of calmness and comfort was exactly what I needed to get through this. Thank you for selling this product. Elimidrol is the reason I am clean today.”

-Shauna from South Carolina

“I am so happy for finding Elimidrol. While withdrawing Elimidrol was the only reason I could get out of bed in the morning and have enough strength to face the day. The withdrawals were so bad I couldn’t do anything, it was terrible. After taking Elimidrol I had the boost I needed and was able to get out of bed, shower, run errands, and be part of my family again. Feeling normal is beyond great.”

-Jesse from California

“Elimidrol I would love to thank you for giving me my life back! I have struggled with opiate addiction for years. First it was heroin for 2 years and then I was on oxycodone for 1 year taking up to 660-700 MG a day! Now I’m on day 4 and my head is clear I feel better than I ever have, just lacking some energy! Thanks to you Elimidrol because I almost lost my husband and home due to my stupidity! To those of you who wonder if this works… IT DOES!”

-Amanda from Kentucky

“I was lost and had no idea where to turn. Just thinking about withdrawal scared me so bad. I really doubted this could work and once I received it I was hesitant to even take it. Well it finally became time to try it out and I felt the relief very quickly. For anyone in doubt, just give it a try and you’ll see.”

-Madalyn from California

“Elimidrol made what my wife and I thought was going to impossible, very doable. I started taking low doses of Vicodin for medical purposes, which then led to high doses of oxycodone, which then eventually led to Dilaudid. My wife then started taking oxycodone and before we realized it, everything became out of control. I lost my job, we lost our house, we were broke, and we still couldn’t get ourselves to stop. My wife and I took Elimidrol for the first time together and we were ecstatic. I mean truly delighted that it actually worked. We felt this sense of normalcy and like we can do this. That was over a month ago and neither of us has touched a single drug since. Thank you Elimidrol.”

-Bruce and Cheryl from Tennessee

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me live again… Before starting on Elimidrol my withdrawals were so awful that I hated laying down at night because I couldn’t ever sleep well and I dreaded the thought of waking up to another day of pain. Elimidrol changed all this and now I have my life back… and it’s a life worth living. Thank you!”

-Lynne from Oklahoma

“Your product is a miracle. Please feel free to use this letter for your testimonial or whatever other purposes as I hope others can get the help I received from Elimidrol. I felt hopeless and like I would never return to normal after using opiates on and off for over 12 years. The depression, anxiety, vomiting, restlessness, it was all just becoming way too much to handle. I first used methadone to try and quit but the methadone withdrawal was horrible. It was so bad that I went back on oxycodone just to make it stop. Then my doctor gave me Suboxone and that was a little better but still extremely excruciating when trying to quit. I felt like the withdrawal never stopped. That led to 4 more straight years of heroin and oxycontin abuse. My best friend had some Elimidrol and after I tried it, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I then ordered the Nighttime and Daytime and the relief it provided me was amazing. I finally could sleep through the night and I was able to go to work during the day. I felt happy finally. I am now proud to say I am 73 days clean and feeling better than I ever have. I give this product a 10 out of 10.”

-Jason from New York

“You completely amazed me. I had no clue what to expect but was surprised when it really worked. Was just so scared and hyping myself up that it wouldn’t. You had really great customer service as well, thank you for this.”

-Jaden from Ohio

“I tried quitting at least 3-4 times cold-turkey in the past before I finally realized I just couldn’t handle it. I needed help desperately. Time felt like it never moved, I was depressed, I was anxious to the point that my skin was tingling and I just couldn’t stop moving. This wasn’t just restless legs, it felt like my whole body was restless. I was sweating and freezing at the same time and just so nauseous. My stomach was cramping and my brain was in a fog where I just couldn’t think straight. It was bad. I bought Elimidrol one night when I was not able to sleep. I really didn’t even read much about it but I needed something and was at my wits end. After taking the Elimidrol I first noticed the brain fog was gone. Then my body wasn’t really aching or feeling off temperature wise any more. My body and mind actually felt comfortable, which I never experienced before in withdrawal. I can’t even believe I’m already on day 6 of withdrawal right now. I’m free of opiates and I give most of the credit to Elimidrol! This is an excellent product and I won’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”

-Brent from Illinois

“I appreciate what Elimidrol did for me. I have a profession where it was very important for me to do this at home in complete privacy. Elimidrol allowed me to do so and really helped me a lot. I felt it from the first day and the daytime helped me still get stuff done and the nighttime helped me actually get some rest. The fact that this really worked in itself was a huge relief. A real life saver, thank you.”

-Stephen from New Mexico

“As promised, I noticed the Elimidrol taking effect after the first dose and it made everything so much more bearable. I used both the Daytime and Nighttime and both did what they stated. I am most likely going to be placing more orders as I really like the way this product makes me feel. I feel happy, calm, and energetic. I love it. Great product.”

-Richard from California

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